Some of Alberta's Recent Disasters

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1995 - Flooding in High River. Temperatures in the upper 20s, spring run-off and rain led to flooding which started in the western portion of Alberta and moved east and impacted 27 municipalities. This was Canada's worst natural disaster at that time. 2002 - House River fire in the Marianna Lake area. Fires resulted in periodic closures of Highway 63 over a period of several days. Conklin declared a state of local emergency and residents were evacuated to Fort McMurray. Several camps in the area were also evacuated. 1999 - An explosion and fire at the Hub Oil Recycling facility in southeast Calgary resulted in 2 fatalities and several injuries. Resident from about 250 homes were evacuated; approximately 300 evacuees required emergency accommodation.
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1986 - Hinton Train Crash. A VIA Rail passenger train crashed into a CN freight train, resulting in 23 deaths and 92 people being injured. 1987 - Edmonton and area tornado. Severe loss and damage occurred in 40 municipalities, principally in the City of Edmonton and Strathcona County, due to tornado winds and flooding. There were 27 deaths; approximately 400 people were injured. Property damage exceeded $400 million. 2000 - Pine Lake Tornado. A tornado touched down in Red Deer County, primarily around the resort developments in and around Pine Lake. 12 lives were lost; 140 people required hospital treatment.
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2004 -Flooding in Greater Edmonton. A series of rain events caused severe overland flooding which resulted in significant damage to municipal infrastructure, residential/rural structures and emergency operations costs.   2010 Flooding in Medicine Hat and Cypress County causes around 200 million in damages to homes and infrastructure.

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