Recovery Activities

Depending on the event, the municipality will be faced with a number of post-event activities, such as:

  • critical incident stress debriefings for emergency management staff, first responders and volunteers
  • damage and loss assessment (e.g. municipal infrastructure, businesses, residences and personal property)
  • resumption of business operations
  • restoration of services (e.g. utilities, transportation, community support services, schools, and institutions)
  • emergency assistance for residents (e.g. financial aid and temporary housing)
  • clean-up, waste removal, debris removal and disposal
  • housing, relocation and rebuilding
  • donations management (e.g. funds and goods)
  • outreach program for survivors
  • operational debriefings and documenting lessons learned
  • plan revision and updating
  • recognition of staff and volunteers
  • organizing memorial events (e.g. anniversaries)

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