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Exercise Dark Squeeze Video Now Available

February 2, 2012, 12:39 PM Posted by: Tom Sand Comments: (1)

Video of the mock rescue done in Crowsnest Pass on September 2011 in Gagantua Cave.

Organized by the Alberta Cave Rescue Organization.  Over 50 participating organizations.


Brent Davis said at May 17, 2013, 9:26 PM:
On behalf of the Alberta/British Columbia Cave Rescue Service we would like to thank AEMA and the OFC for the training grant and support in year up to the event with advice on targets and direction assistance and on-going, on-site support from Tom Sand from AEMA. We had participants from all over Alberta, British Columbia and 1 from the NWT! Also, many Ground SAR, above ground Rope Rescue SAR and Cave Rope Rescue and encouraged people to step out of their traditional roles and see what the other disciplines do! Great "Mutual Aid" from all and no "turf wars"! Just professional dedication to achieve the various missions goals! All the scenario's were completed safely and within the allotted time frames inspite of very adverse weather, highway traffic accident which impacted our pilot's access to his helicopter, anticipated communications failures and overcame all the adversities due to the varied skill sets of everyone involved. Many thanks! The year of planning was definately worth it!

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