Chapter 9. Other Resources

Other Resources

Suggested additional reading (see References):

  1. 1.    E.L. Quarantelli,Organizational behavior in disaster and implications for disaster planning.
  2. 2.    E.L. Quarantelli,Major criteria for judging disaster planning and managing and their applicability in developing societies.
  3. Eric Auf der Heide, Disaster Response: Principles of preparation and coordination impact of disasters.

Web Sites                                                                                                                                                             AEMA Site--


By typing in the following search terms: [Haiti] [Earthquake] [Canada] on the following site you will be able to get a greater sense of how the agency responds to international needs.


If you would like to view the act, it can be found at the following URL. You can order a printed copy from the Queens Press by following:

Suggested Web Searches

  • Canada/Federal/Government/Emergency/ Management/Organization
  • Alberta /Government/ Emergency/Incident/Activation
  • Alberta/Emergency/Activation
  • Alberta/AEMA/Activation/POC


Alberta Youtube Site                     

Debate on Emergency Preparedness

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