Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development

Environment and Water and Sustainable Resource Development merge

Environment and Sustainable Resource Development (ESRD), as proud stewards of air, land, water and biodiversity, will lead the achievement of desired environmental outcomes and sustainable development of natural resources for Albertans.

Visit Environment and Sustainable Resource Development for more information on programs and services. Icluding Wildfire Information, Fire bans, Flood inforamtion and Water Quality advisories.
Partner sites containing Real-time and Archived Hydrometric and Meteorogical Data for rivers in Alberta and Canada:
Water Survey of Canada: Real-time Hydrometric Data
Meteorlogical Services of Canada (MSC): Climate Data
AgroClimatic Information Service (ACIS): Current Weather Conditions, Climate Data, Climate Maps
Sustainable Resource Development (SRD) Wildfire Status                                             


For further information, refer to their website:

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