Public and Media Inquiry Room

Events usually result in an influx of inquiries from the public and the media (local, national and international). When this occurs, the emergency public information officer for the municipality may establish a public and media inquiry room (usually near the ECC) to respond to inquiries. Municipal personnel who have been trained in working with the public over the phone would staff this room. The Alberta Public Affairs Bureau may provide advice and assistance to the municipal emergency public information officer. Assistance from the Public Affairs Bureau can be requested through the AEMA Field Officer.

As well, if the situation warrants, the provincial government Public & Media Inquiry room may be established and operated by the Public Affairs Bureau.

In some events, particularly those of high visibility, the public may perceive that a threat exists, even though there is no real danger to the public. One example occurred in Fort Saskatchewean in August 2001 when an uncontrolled ethane gas release and fire occurred at BP Canada’s natural gas liquids plant. Although no threat existed, residents were concerned because of the smoke and noticeable odor. A way to circumvent this is to provide regular communication to local residents.

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