Levels of Plan Activation

Level I

is a low impact, short duration incident in which the municipality has adequate resources (e.g. a routine event that first responders handle on a routine basis using existing standard operating procedures). A municipal emergency service, on becoming aware of the situation, alerts other emergency services involved in the response and municipal administration, who may advise the director of emergency management. The MEP is usually not activated for this level of event. 

Level II

is a high impact, short duration incident in which coordination is required to support site operations. An example is a transportation of dangerous goods incident that results in evacuation of the surrounding area. Dangerous goods experts may be required on scene and a reception centre opened. As well, outside support may be required (e.g. from mutual aid partners). An emergency site manager will be designated; there will be a need for emergency public information support. The director of emergency management and other personnel may be on site. The director of emergency management takes such action as is necessary to minimize the effects of the emergency on the municipality by doing those things not being done by the first responders, such as:

  • communicating with elected officials

  • notifying members of the emergency management agency

  • activating the MEP, in whole or in part

  • recommending to elected officials that there be a “declaration of a state of local emergency”

  • supporting emergency site operations by disseminating information in preparation for media inquiries

  • providing public awareness information 

Level III

is a high impact and or long duration incident that interrupts normal activities in the community and requires response from multi-organizational and multi-jurisdictional resources. The situation will require full coordination, external resources, activating the ECC and confirmation of an Incident Commander. Example: Pine Lake Tornado, July 14, 2000. 

Note: A municipal emergency plan may be activated in part or in whole.

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