Emergency Social Services

Many events result in people being evacuated, displaced from their homes, or otherwise impacted by the event. When this occurs, the emergency social services response plan, a specialized component of the municipal emergency plan, is activated as required. One or more reception centres may be established, either in a safe area in the impacted community or in a neighbouring community. A reception centre is a one-stop centre which provides for the immediate short-term needs of people impacted by the event. Reception centre services typically include the following functions:

  • Registration and Inquiry (accounts for people and assists in re-uniting families)

  • Food Services (refreshments, snacks and meals)

  • Lodging (accommodation in congregate facilities, hotels, motels, or billeting)

  • Clothing (personal hygiene items, blankets, and clothing replacement)

  • Personal Services (medical and or health support, counseling and other special care that is not provided by other service areas)

  • Volunteer Services (registration and assignment of volunteers)

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