Solicitor General and Public Security

The Solicitor General and Minister of Public Security ensures safe communities in Alberta through adequate and effective levels of policing and the promotion of crime prevention activities. During a disaster or emergency, the Department may offer support through the following functions:

  • Alberta Security and Strategic Intelligence Support Team (ASSIST)—In normal times, ASSIST manages counter-terrorism security information and intelligence, and develops threat assessments for the Government of Alberta. ASSIST also provides a conduit for information sharing between law enforcement, national security agencies and the private sector as it relates to Alberta's critical infrastructure. In addition, ASSIST is responsible for identifying and validating critical infrastructure. In a disaster or emergency, ASSIST can support emergency management officials with assessing human induced intentional threats and identifying critical infrastructure that may be impacted by the emergency.

  • Alberta Sheriffs — In normal times, Sheriffs provide a wide variety of public security services throughout the province. In a disaster or emergency, Sheriffs are resources that may augment or support municipal law enforcement and the RCMP with duties such as traffic and access control, security escorts, perimeter and building security. These support functions would be requested and coordinated through the GEOC.

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