Alberta Transportation

Alberta Transportation provides transportation infrastructure. In emergencies or disasters the ministry arranges for road closures, overweight vehicle certificates and provides advice to those responding to dangerous goods events. 

Coordination and Information Centre

The Coordination and Information Centre (CIC) serves as the Government of Alberta emergency response centre for all natural and manmade disasters.

The centre is manned 24 hours a day and responds to an average of 350 chemical transportation incidents, and 75 natural emergencies a year.

Emergency Reporting

During an emergency, the centre provides assistance and technical information to emergency response personnel attending the scene of an accident in which dangerous goods are involved, or may become a matter for concern.

The centre can contact personnel in related departments who are to be notified in the event of an emergency or safety-related incident.

Technical Information Assistance

The CIC provides round-the-clock information to industry and the general public on what steps to take to comply with dangerous goods legislation. An average of 11,000 information calls are handled by the centre each year.

Information is provided on federal and international requirements for the shipment of dangerous goods by air, road or marine modes of transportation. The centre also provides interpretive information for the on-highway enforcement process as well as awareness material for inspectors, industry and the general public.

For more information call our 24 hour Information Hotline:

1-800-272-9600 (Edmonton Area please call 422-9600)

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