Alberta Energy Regulator

The Government of Alberta owns about 80 percent of the province's mineral rights, such as oil, natural gas, coal, and the oil sands. In other words, most resources are owned by the people of Alberta through their government.

While private companies can develop these resources, the AER is authorized by the government to protect the public's interest relating to the discovery, development, and delivery of these resources. Regulation ensures that non-renewable resources are produced in a safe, responsible manner, without waste.

The AER regulates the safe, responsible, and efficient development of Alberta's energy resources, including oil, natural gas, oil sands, coal and pipelines.

AER approval is required at almost every step of an energy project's life in Alberta.

The AER regulates: operating natural gas and wells; oil and gas batteries, plants and other facilities; producing coal mines; commercial sands plants and 415 000 km of pipelines.

The AER is responsible for managing Alberta's energy resources, including: bitumen; conventional oil; natural gas; coal and recoverable coal bed methane reserves.

The AER ensures compliance and asset & liability management for operating energy developments, including the provision of technical support to field surveillance in responding to complaints, uncontrolled releases and other operational problems.

Further information about the role of the AER in emergency management can be found at the website:

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