AEMA (Alberta Emergency Management Agency)

The AEMA is the coordinating agency accountable and responsible to the provincial government and to Albertans for effectively ensuring the protection of people, their property, their communities and industry, and their environment from the effects of emergency events. The Agency coordinates the Alberta Government’s response for any emergency event which exceeds local resources or expertise or where assistance is requested by a local authority or private or public response agency. AEMA assists Alberta communities to ensure they are prepared to respond effectively to disasters and major emergencies.

Seven AEMA Field Officers work with municipalities to assist them in the evaluation, validation and exercising of the municipality's emergency plans. Two First Nation Field Officers work with Alberta's First Nation communities. During major emergencies or disasters, these Field Officers work in the community, in that municipality's emergency operations centre and act as a provincial government liaison between the municipality and the provincial government, in the event that provincial or other resources are required.

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