Disaster Recovery Programs

Disaster recovery programs provide financial assistance for municipalities and their citizens who incur uninsurable loss and damage as a result of a disastrous event. These programs are an effective way of assisting municipalities by ensuring that the costs of disasters are shared by all Albertans and, whenever possible, by all Canadians through cost sharing arrangements with the federal government.

  • Disaster financial assistance programs are administered under the Alberta Disaster Recovery Regulation and Alberta Disaster Assistance Guidelines and are designed to serve as a safety net to assist with essential needs only for uninsurable loss and damage to homes, farms and small businesses, as well as municipal and provincial infrastructure damage and emergency operations costs. Most programs result from overland flooding and groundwater seepage.

  • A state of local emergency does not have to be declared in order to receive financial assistance under a disaster recovery program.

  • After a major emergency or disaster event, AEMA (Alberta Emergency Management Agency) in co-operation with municipalities, monitors the situation to determine if there is likely to be a need for financial assistance. The province’s disaster recovery committee reviews the circumstances of the event and makes recommendations regarding possible program approval.

  • Assistance is not paid when the damages, loss or costs could have been: reasonably prevented; could be recovered under another government program; or recovered through legal action.

  • Upon the announcement of a program, municipalities notify the affected citizens of the location and operational hours of the registration centres.

  • Applications are reviewed for eligibility and evaluators are dispatched to review damages and determine eligible assistance.

  • Accounting and financial procedures have been streamlined to ensure that assistance payments are made in the shortest time possible.

These programs are based on the principle of shared risk. They assist municipalities and their citizens by ensuring that losses resulting from disasters are cost shared by all Albertans and, whenever possible by all Canadians. Programs may be cost shared with the federal government on a graduating scale. On programs that meet federal eligibility criteria, federal cost sharing starts after the province has paid the first dollar per capita (approximately $3 million) of eligible damages.

For further information contact your AEMA Field Officer or the Disaster Recovery Programs Coordinator, AEMA.


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