Health Canada

Health Canada is responsible for:

  • implementing the Food borne Illness Outbreak Response Protocol, in partnership with the Canadian Food inspection Agency.

  • providing support and scientific expertise for chemical emergencies through the Chemical Emergency Response Unit (CERU).

  • coordinating the response to a nuclear or radiological emergency under the Federal Nuclear Emergency Plan (FNEP).  

  • helping managers develop and maintain a supportive environment for employees who experience a traumatic workplace event through the Psycho-social Emergency Preparedness and Response program. 

  • maintaining a $300 million National Emergency Stockpile System (NESS) to provide emergency supplies quickly to provinces and territories when requested. A 24-hour response capability is maintained. The system consists of a central depot in Ottawa, as well as eight other warehouses and 1,300 pre-positioned supply centres (under the combined management of the provinces and federal government) strategically located across Canada.

Further information regarding Health Canada's role in emergency management can be found on the website:

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