Chapter 3: Quiz

Provide the term, individual or organization that matches the statements below.  See Chapter 11 for the answers.

1. The Disaster Recovery Program only provides financial assistance to Municipalities that declare a State of Local Emergency?



2. The AEMA Field Officer acts as a liaison between the affected municipalities and the provincial government in the event of a major emergency or disaster.



3. _________is the lead federal department responsible for coordinating the response to nuclear and radiological emergencies.

a) Public Safety Canada

b) Health Canada

b) Transport Canada

4. _________supports municipalities with Emergency Social Services planning and response and monitor compliance with Workplace Health & Safety regulations.

a) Alberta Human Services

b) Alberta Transportation

c) Alberta Health

5. _________delivers key message regarding emergencies and disaster response. May assist municipalities with this role.

a) AEMA (Alberta Emergency Management Agency)

b) Public Affairs Bureau

c) Alberta Transportation

6. _________is the lead agency responsible for developing and implementing federal policies for emergency management.

a) Public Safety Canada

b) Public Health Agency Canada

c) Environment Canada

7._________provides a provincial framework for providing assistance to local authorities.

a) Alberta Emergency Plan

b) Disaster Recovery Program

c) Emergencies Act

8. Requests for federal government assistance must be directed through

a) Alberta Transportation

b) Alberta Municipal Affairs

c) AEMA (Alberta Emergency Management Agency)

9. Alberta's emergency management program is a community-based approach with a graduated system of involvement beginning with first responders in a municipality as

a) provincial response

b) individual and families

10. _________arranges for road closures and provides advice to those responding to dangerous goods events.

a) Alberta Transportation

b) AEMA (Alberta Emergency Management Agency)

b) Alberta Solicitor General

11. _________coordinates the provincial response to an event which exceeds local resources or expertise or where assistance is required.

a) AEMA (Alberta Emergency Management Agency)

b) Alberta Environment

b) Alberta Transportation

12. _________serves as a safety net to assist citizens with essential needs for uninsurable loss and damage.

a) Disaster Recovery Program

b) Emergency Social Services

b) Alberta Human Services

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