Functions of an Emergency Management Program

The four functions of mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery may be undertaken sequentially or concurrently, but they are not independent of each other. Emergency management in the province adopts a comprehensive all-hazards approach to coordinate and integrate the four functions to maximize the safety of Albertans. Ensuring a strong and seamless relationship across these functions and with appropriate emergency management partners is critical to effective emergency management.  


The measures taken to eliminate, reduce or minimize the risks from the effects of a hazard with the aim to prevent or reduce the impact of a disaster when it occurs. Examples include updating building codes, building use regulations, zoning and land use management, diking, legislation and tax and insurance incentives and disincentives.


Building capability to effectively and rapidly respond when people, property and the environment are affected by hazard(s). Preparedness includes planning, exercising, education and training necessary to achieve a state of readiness for emergencies and disasters. Examples include developing emergency plans, training staff involved in the municipal emergency plan, exercises, creating mutual-aid agreements, and conducting resource inventories.


The action taken to minimize the damage and loss to people, property and the environment with an emphasis on prevention of injury and loss of life. Examples include the implementation of disaster plans, activation of emergency operations centres, mobilization of resources, issuance of warnings and directions, and provision of medical and social services assistance.


The activities taken to return an affected community and/or organization to a reasonable state of normal life after it has been affected by an emergency or disaster. Examples include physical restoration and reconstruction, business resumption, counseling, financial assistance programs, temporary housing, and health and safety information.

BEM Chapter 3 - Functions of Emergency Management

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