Impact of Disasters

Whether caused by natural hazards or human-induced, disasters primarily affect people. The resulting human grief and social and economic disruptions affect individuals, families and the community as a whole.

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Some emergencies or disasters require the implementation of a disaster social services response system to meet the urgent physical and personal needs of survivors until affected individuals can be cared for by regular social service or special recovery programs. 

  • Individuals and Families. There may be deaths or injuries, evacuations and family members separated. Homes, businesses and property may be damaged or destroyed. A large effort may be required to return individuals and families to "normal" day-to-day functioning. For many people, depending on how they were personally affected by the disaster, adapting to a "new normal" will be the primary goal as they learn to live in changed circumstances.

  • Community and Local Authority. There may be damage to infrastructure and resources, and interruption of services to citizens. Outside assistance and resources and extraordinary actions may be required to manage the event.

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